The Trade-Up Team

Meet the nerds behind Trade-Up.

Trent O’Sullivan

Founder and CEO

Trent has owned and managed a successful bricklaying company in the ACT for the past 20 years. He has been through the ups and the downs of the industry and lived to tell the tale. His years spent running a bricklaying company were used to create Trade-Up and solve a problem every subcontractor faces. Trent is also the current President of the Masonry Contractors Association of Australia.

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Annalisa O’Sullivan

Chief Financial Officer and Customer Support Coordinator

Annalisa manages the financial strategy and operations of the company and is committed to maximizing long-term shareholder value, whilst ensuring and maintaining a high level of integrity and transparency. Annalisa has previously owned and successfully managed businesses in construction, retail, community services, hospitality, accounting and technology. Please contact with any administrative enquires.

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Bruce Hyslop

Systems Architect

Bruce boasts over 20 years in the Tech industry and has been the lead software architect on large enterprise projects as well as for innovative and disruptive start-ups. He is passionate about understanding people's needs and providing solutions to real world problems and has a proven track record of delivering outcomes.

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Haydn Lowe

Technical Director

Haydn is a leader in software innovation and technical venture projects. His broad business management background, depth in technical knowledge and experience ensures that our software architecture leverages current best practice methods and technologies.

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Chris Kingdom

Lead Developer

Chris is our software development guru. He has extensive experience in HTML5 and interactive cloud based software systems. His background in mobile and web based applications is an asset to what makes Trade-Up tick.

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Adrian Fox

Support Technician

Adrian’s background in Business Analysis and IT programming give him an edge in providing outstanding support for our Trade Up clients. Adrian supports our clients through set up and ongoing management of the system. Based in Victoria Australia he can give online support or visit your location for onsite training.

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Maria Garcias

Liaison and Support Lead

Maria’s friendly manner and expertise in customer engagement and support is pivotal in how Trade-Up continues to impress our customers. Maria guides both our support and development program from our customers’ perspective.

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“The Trade-Up team is really helpful. They understand the needs of a subcontractor business like mine… even if they are from NSW…”

Ian Peddley, IRP Masonry QLD