Coming soon – Automation of site rosters and resourcing

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Meet the Trade-Up Techlauncher site resourcing development team directed by systems architect Bruce Hyslop and project leader Hong You.


Qingyang Li, Honggu Lin, Hong You (Project Leader), Tianhao Li, Xinyu Hou.

The Problem

  • Delays in construction programming cost the Australian economy billions annually, with up to 60% of mega projects found to fail in time and cost overruns.

The Solution

  • The team designed an automated resourcing dashboard, compatible to the current productivity operating platform, with functionality to efficiently schedule staff based on reported live progress data and historic production results, while considering the overall project program.

Bruce Hyslop Systems Architect

The User Experience

  • Ability to direct workers to locations required, forecast resources and report on acceleration or delay impacts (Financial and Resourcing).
  • Mathematical algorithms & real time data are analysed to produce productivity targets for materials, tasks and working team ratios.
  • Employment classifications and individual skill levels are used to allocate staff to project teams.
  • Forecasting auto updates daily based on achieved work completed, and variations to future work.
  • Rosters are editable to take into account any required variation.
  • User friendly processes to disseminate rosters and updates via SMS text or email alerts


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